Culli - Health

Culli - Health

General condition

Culli is generally of good health. He is dynamic and energized.
Dummy and endurance training caused a musculus body and good physical condition.

Rhineferry's Cullinan meets all required and recommended health criteria for breading.

Testing results

Testing Result Comment
Elbow dysplasia (ED)  Inherrited deformation of the elbow causing unnormal premature degenerative joint disease
- left free 
- right free 
Hip dysplasia (HD) Inherrited deformation of the Hip bones causing unnormal premature degenerative joint disease
- left B1 
- right A2 
stadium of the arthritis  
- left none 
- right none 
Chondrodystrophy (CDDY) N/NSkeletal dysplasia in Tollers leading to short legs and issues with the back bones
Collie Eye Anomalie (CEA) freeGenetic disease leading to degeneration of the retina causing blindness
Cleft Palate (CP1) freegenetic predisposition of a Cleft Palate
DM (Sod1gen) normalGenetic disease causing Progressive destruction of nerves in the spinal cord leading to paralysation
Eye test (ECVO) freevalid until October 2015
Jadd freeGenetic disease causing adrenal gland malfunction
Katarakt (HC) freeGenetic disease leading to continous opacity of the eye lenses leading to blindness
MH-Gentest (MH) freeGenetic disease leading to muscular rigidity and heart palpitations
Perist. Hyperpl.-Tunica Vasc. (PHTVL/PHPV) freeBleared eye caused by abnormal eye atries.
Progressive Retina Atrophie (PRA) freeGenetic disease causing progressive degeneration of the retina
pred Mutation Test for PRA normal 
Retina Dysplasie (RD)freeGenetic disease causing deformantion of the retina leading to blindness
Dillution Type D / dfur colouring
Teeth status complete scissor bite

We tested our Cullinan for widely spread skeletal dysplasia of Tollers.
The change in DNA sequence responsible for “chondrodystrophy" (CDDY).
The result shows Culli is clear - CDDY: "N/N"