RhineMeadow - Culli - Nature and appearance

Culli - Nature and appearance


The nature of Culli was tested during the breeding permission examination by DRC judge Dagmar Winter November 10th 2010.
(Resultes translated from German)

Temperament, movement and play impulse:
The two year old male is temperamental; He has pronounced behavior in motion.

Endurance, faithlessness, strength, attention:
He has a high level of endurance and attention.

Drive to hunt and to retrieve, track and seek impulse:
He showes high interest in catches with ambivalent behaviour of retrieving. While playing with the rope he is heavily engaged but does not show any agressions.

Subordination and bond:
The bond to his family is very good, he is willing for subordination.

Confidence in interaction with humans, Circle test, supine position:
He is less interested in humans but confident. The narrowing test pass without negative observation.

Confidence in optical and acutic stimuli:
During the parcours he is fully resilient for acustic stimuli; he shows considerable mistrust of optical stimuli but approches everything with his handler.

Gunfire tolerance:
Confident at gunfire.

The Male shows in some situations ambivalent confidence he overcomes with support of his handler.

Confirmation assessment summary

The body confirmation of Culli was tested during the breeding permission examination by DRC judge Dagmar Winter November 10th 2010.:
Head shaped correctly, correct facial expression, well laid back shoulder, well developed forechest, correct build shape good depth of the chest, correct angulations, excellent tail and tailset, good movements.

Confirmation result: Excellent

Confirmation assessment detail

Group Detail Assessment
Shape   good, healthy
Hight   51cm
Condition   good
Coating Outer coat very good
  Under coat good
Head overall   characteristic
  Topskull medium
  Forehead good
  Pigment strong
  Shape of eyes average
  Color of eyes dark
  Expression of eyes characteristic
  Upper lips nice arch
  Lower lips dry
  Bite full scissor bite
  Ears hanging ears correctly placed, normal size
Shape overall   very well developed
  Throt correct
  Breath of chest large
  Depth of chest correct
  Forechest good
  Waist correct
  Back straight
  Croup straight
  Tailset good
  Shape of the tail correct shape
  Forelegs straight
  Angulations of the forehand correct
  Elbow correct
  Shoulder long sloping
  Backlegs good angulation, stand correct
  Paws hare-foot
  Movement of the forehand correct
  Movement of the backhand correct
Sexual characteristics   male
  Testicles both present

We tested our Cullinan for widely spread skeletal dysplasia of Tollers.
The change in DNA sequence responsible for “chondrodystrophy" (CDDY).
The result shows Culli is clear - CDDY: "N/N"