Yuma @ RhineMeadow

Yuma @ RhineMeadow (2018)

"Yuma" (Rhineferries Culaq Yuma) is our second Toller. He is the first born son of Culli. "Yuma has the meaning of "son of the chief" in native american language.
The young Yuma is curious, careful, intelligent and with endurence. Yuma is our beloved chaot.

Yuma is listed in the DRC dog database:

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Yuma @ RhineMeadow (2014 - 12weeks)

Yuma @ RhineMeadow (2014 - day 1)


We tested our Cullinan for widely spread skeletal dysplasia of Tollers.
The change in DNA sequence responsible for “chondrodystrophy" (CDDY).
The result shows Culli is clear - CDDY: "N/N"