RhineMeadow - Yuma - Wesen und K├Ârperbau

Yuma - Nature and Apprerance


The nature of Yuma was tested by DRC judge Birgit Muhr and assistant Birgit Winkmann on March 16th 2016.
(Resultes translated from German)

Temperament, movement and play impulse:
The 22 month old Toller-male presented himself today by good temperament and joyful in motion.

Endurance, faithlessness, strength, attention:
Playing behavior was demonstrated primarily with his humans. He has endurance persuing goals and has a high environmental attention.

Drive to hunt and to retrieve, track and seek impulse:
Predatory instinct is well visible, he carries the pray for himself playfully. Retriving was not demonstrated today unfortunately.

Subordination and bond:
The bond and willing for subordination are well.

Confidence in interaction with humans, Circle test, side position:
He is confident with humans but less interested. He subordinated in the circle and side position.

Gunfire tolerance:
Confident at gunfire.

Confidence in optical and acutic stimuli:
He is vaguely excited during the parcours with optical and acustic stimuli and approches the stimuly partly on his own partly with his humans.

Passed: yes:

DRC Confirmation assessment

The body confirmation of Yuma was tested by DRC judge Dagmar Winter March 16th 2016.:


Head shaped well, correct facial expression, strong neck, well laid back shoulder. A bit too long rumb, might be a bit higher. Good bony substance. He moves with good drive.

Confirmation result: Very good

Confirmation assessment detail

Group Detail Assessment
Hight   47cm
Bite   scissor bite, P2 upper left missing
Head overall characteristic
  Topskull medium
  Nose characteristic
  Forehead good
Pigment   characteristic
Eyes Shape midsize
  Color medium
Expression   characteristic
Lips Upper lips correct
  Lower lips dry
Ears   correctly placed, slightly too big
Throt   not rated
Cest   large
  Depth correct
Forechest   small
Waist   long
Back   straight
Croup   correct
Tail Tailset good
  Shape correct shape
Bone strength   correct
Forelegs Legs correct
  Shoulder correct
  Upper arm bit short
  Elbow loose
Backlegs Legs correct
  Angulations bit steep
Paws   characteristic
Movement Forehand correct
  Backhand correct
Coating Outer coat very good
  Under coat ok
Sexual characteristics   male
  Testicles both present
Condition   muscular

NSDTRCN Youngster assessment

Apprerance and conformity of Yuma was assesst April 5th, 2015 by NSDTRCN judge Elisabeth Winkelman during the "Jonge Hondendag" in Apeldorn.
(Translation from Dutch, Dutch statement at the site navigation)

Overall impression:
10 month old Toller male of bit smaler shape. Good expression and temprament. The ratios are suitable.

Haer of the good typ. Correct planted ears, good pigmentation, good bite. Almond-shaped eyes.

Good back and underline.
A bit small breath and depth of the chest.

Nice angulation of forelegs and backlegs.

Nice dark colour, falling apart on the back.
Nice long coat at the tail and backlegs.

Pratty nice movement. Forehand a bit loose appropriate to his age.

Presentation und behaviour:
Very good presentation. A friendly dog, easy to demonstrate.