Mantrailing - Requirements

Requirements for the Dog-handler-team

The basic prerequisite, as with any work between man and dog, is mutual trust. A good basic training of the dog namely "sit", "down" and "heel" is as important as the conditioning of basic commands such as "stop" (for us this means immediate stopping; this protects the dog in everyday life and also when trailing from dangerous situations (e.g. roads), "wait" and "go on" (cancel the hold command). Simple conditioned basic commands from everyday life simplify the communication during mantrailing considerably, because the dog knows exactly what to do.
For the humans, important basic requirements are sufficient fitness and the ability to "read" the dog.
Earlier I had said that in mantrailing you use the hunting instinct of the dog. For us in everyday life, our "hunting dogs are dogs that don't hunt!" They are only to hunt by a conditioned command. Otherwise, hunting is undesirable.
However, when mantrailing, the dog leads and we accept that the dog follows exactly this instinct. In mantrailing he hunts, so to speak, the person to be searched for.